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Alicia McNeaney

I HIGHLY recommend Dr Cornish…for adults and children alike!

I started seeing Dr Cornish for some neck and lower back problems I was having and during one of our conversations I mentioned I was doing infertility treatments. She explained to me how she could help thru adjustments and I continued treatments. Many women with severe PCOS try for years to get pregnant but I was able to get pregnant within two cycles using only drugs and chiropractic treatments (and my husband of course). When I was six weeks pregnant I found out I was having twins and was inundated with information on complications and aches and pains and problems walking I would have during the pregnancy and also the high possibility of bed rest. At around 12 weeks pregnant, I was unable to stand up straight at work and went straight to Dr Cornish’s office. Within minutes I was able to stand and walk normally and from then thru the end of the pregnancy, I had multiple treatments each week and I NEVER had a day of bed rest and was able to carry the double pregnancy as comfortable as one could possible want.

Dr Cornish started treating the twins soon at four months of age when she noticed my son was suffering from torticollis. I was amazed by the fact that by looking them she was able to tell me where they were physically and what they had done the previous week. The kids loved her and were not afraid of anything she wanted to do. My son suffered with the disfiguring effects of torticollis (one side of the neck having shorter muscles than the other) and plagiocephaly (skull was disfigured). His eyes were on different planes, his one ear was inches forward of the other and he could only turn his head to the left…not forward or to the right. I sought out one of the top neurosurgeons in the country and had a consultation and was told there was nothing much that could be done…to watch him for a year and if it did not correct itself, they would intervene with surgery….I DID NOT want to accept that as an option to I talked to Dr Cornish and my son started a combined treatment of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and the use of a DOC band to correct these problems. While children who use the DOC band and physical therapy only do see improvement in these conditions….Jack’s correction was more than anyone ever expected. After he was done with the band, he continued treatments with Dr Cornish because he still had a large flat area on his skull and with in months it too was corrected. Today to look at him you would never know how severe his conditions were and I truly believe his near total correction is due to including chiropractic in our regime.
Being a new mom, I was told that kids ALWAYS have ear infections…just a fact of life. Every time they had a treatment with Dr Cornish she would check and adjust as needed to prevent ear infections and other infections. To this day (they are three now)…NEITHER ONE of my children has ever had an ear infection! When I tell other mothers this most are completely amazed!!

I recently had to move away from Illinois and have not been able to find a chiropractor near me yet with the knowledge of children that Dr Cornish had and definitely none have had the rapport she has with children. She makes it fun for them…they looked forward to going to see her and even to this day mimic things she would do when they “play doctor”.

Christina H.

I recommend Dr. Cornish to my family and friends

Dr. Cornish has been treating me for more than five years. I have ankylosing spondylitis. This inflammatory spine condition flares up periodically; sometimes in the form of costochondritis.  Costochondritis is extremely painful. My whole rib cage is inflamed and sore. This comes on suddenly and can sometimes last for several weeks. Before I started seeing Dr. Cornish I would take high doses of Ibuprofen. I would be very uncomfortable and find it hard to breathe at times. I was also very fatigued.

Dr. Cornish adjusts my ribs and after only a few treatments I am pain free. At times I have only had to have one treatment. I never would have thought of a chiropractor for this condition. I thought she would only be treating my spine. I do see Dr. Cornish for spinal adjustments and this has improved my spinal condition immensely. I used to have debilitating flare ups for several weeks at a time, requiring high doses of Ibuprofen. The last few years I have felt so much better and flare ups have been minimal. I rarely take any pain medications.

Betty S.

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